• tuna-confit

    Splendid Tuna Confit

    I’ve been canning tuna fish for years, but after trying this crazy good (and super simple) tuna confit recipe, I may never bother again. Neni’s tuna confit is a short-term preservation where chunks of tuna are simmered in olive more »

  • boiled-beef-salad

    Edward’s Boiled Beef Salad

    Last month it felt that rather than declining internally Ed and Elllie are declining by bits and pieces. They both had “procedures” recently, removing small growths from various parts of their bodies that could, if left untreated, become more »

  • paste-1

    It’s now or next year…Tomato Paste

    Neni’s mother used to sun dry her tomato paste on their roof in Athens. Back then, the humidity in Athens was 15.9%. (It’s 37% now, says Neni, because of the excessive use of air conditioning in the city.) more »

  • pasta-di-trapano

    Pasta di Trapani…with Almond Milk!

    It always amazes me when Edward reveals he is hip to something that I had figured was totally out of his purview. I mean, he has no idea who Bradley Cooper is, but he likes Snoop Dog. Likewise, I more »

  • pasta-alla-norma

    Pasta alla Norma

      When I saw Edward on Arthur Avenue last week he was regaling a few locals about how he figured out he had Lyme disease. He’s clearly feeling better since going on the antibiotic regimen. “I would sit more »