• paste-1

    It’s now or next year…Tomato Paste

    Neni’s mother used to sun dry her tomato paste on their roof in Athens. Back then, the humidity in Athens was 15.9%. (It’s 37% now, says Neni, because of the excessive use of air conditioning in the city.) more »

  • pasta-di-trapano

    Pasta di Trapani…with Almond Milk!

    It always amazes me when Edward reveals he is hip to something that I had figured was totally out of his purview. I mean, he has no idea who Bradley Cooper is, but he likes Snoop Dog. Likewise, I more »

  • pasta-alla-norma

    Pasta alla Norma

      When I saw Edward on Arthur Avenue last week he was regaling a few locals about how he figured out he had Lyme disease. He’s clearly feeling better since going on the antibiotic regimen. “I would sit more »

  • ful-2

    Ful: Cooking Lebanese food in Bay Ridge

      Last Spring I took a League of Kitchens class with a Lebanese home cook, Jeanette, in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. When we entered her tidy apartment, the table was set with an array of beautiful dishes, which we more »

  • Chicken-with-Peas

    Chicken with Peas and Mint

    Edward and Elinor both have Lyme disease right now, and I am worried about them rattling around in that big house in a fever, with the slippery rugs and treacherous driveway, the bills with too small type and more »